Susana Miranda

Sculpture and Drawing

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The sculptures are based on the analogies between the human body and other living forms. The fragility of the human condition and the search and desire to overcome that same state of being , is the main theme. The transformation of the the human body (the fragment) seeks to represent the overcome of a physical, mental or emotional difficulty. The human trascends itself through the analogy between an animal or a flower, through the possibility of a movement of the body, or through its subtle transformation.



Born in Lisbon in 1974.

Susana Miranda sculpts the portuguese white marble in Montelavar, near Sintra.

She has exhibited her work since 1998 and has maintained a consistant and rigorous artistic work for more than twenty years. Susana Miranda is represented: in the Contemporary Art Collection of the Museum of Guarda, Portugal; in the Drawing Collection of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon; and in private portuguese and foreign collections.

Academic and Professional Experience

Master’s degree in Teaching of the Visual Arts


Master’s degree in Teaching of the Visual Arts, University of Lisbon/ Faculty of Fine Arts. Theme: The Work of Art: a path to reflection and knowledge. Project realized with the collaboration of The House of Stories Paula Rego.

Degree in Plastic Arts – Specialized in Sculpture


Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon


2006 - 2008

Collaboration as a sculptor in the Collection of Plaster Sculptures of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.


2002 - 2004

Internship at the International Sculpture Center, Pêro Pinheiro: Improvement of the Techniques of Stone carving. Internships in Higher Education of PRODEP III - Operational Program of Educational Development for Portugal of the European Union.

1st year of Drawing

1993 - 1994

National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon

The Sculpting Process



Animals, Flowers and Birds

Animals, Flowers and Birds

Faculty of Fine Arts gallery, Lisbon
March / April 2011

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Trema Gallery – Contemporary Art, Lisbon
December / January 2011

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Solid body, Aqueous body

Solid body, Aqueous body

Project Room/ Pestana Art District, Citadel of Cascais
November 2017

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Solid body, Aqueous body

Solid body, Aqueous body

Art Gallery, Guarda Museum
June/September 2018

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Trema Gallery – Contemporary Art, Lisbon
June/July 2015

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Solo Exhibitions and Projects

2018/2019 - Solid Body, Aqueous Body, 3rd Autumn Salon, Guarda Museum

2018 - Solid Body, Aqueous Body, Art Gallery Guarda Museum. (Guest Artist of SIAC 3 - 3rd International Symposium of Contemporary Art)

2018 - Workshop (realization and orientation) - “Processes of thinking and doing in the sculpture of the human body”. Inner courtyard of the Guarda Museum. Integrated in SIAC 3 - International Symposium of Contemporary Art.

2017 - Solid Body, Aqueous Body, Project Room / Pestana Art District. Citadel of Cascais.

2015 - Meannesses, Trema Gallery - Contemporary Art, Lisbon.

2011 - Dome, Trema Gallery - Contemporary Art, Lisbon.

2011 - Animals, Flowers and Birds, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Lisbon.

2005 - Animals, Flowers and Birds, Cooperative of Communication and Culture. Torres Vedras.

2001 - Tranvia: Der Dicher und die Insel: Ruy Cinatti und Timor  December 2001, p. 11 and 12 - Reveu der Iberischen Halbinsel, Germany.

2000 - Conditions, Alvito Cultural Center, Beja. 

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2019 - Interceptions - A Dialogue Place. Exhibition of Sculpture of the Contemporary Art Collection of the Guarda Museum. Panteão dos Cabrais Cabrais, Belmonte. (Integrated into SIAC 4).

2017 - Group Exhibition, Project Room / Pestana Art District Citadel of Cascais.

2016 - Outdoor Sculpture - Amadora 2016 

2011 - From Uno to Plural - Lisbon Open City for Creators and Authors. Dr. Orlando Ribeiro Library Gallery, Telheiras, Lisbon. 

2009 - Ceramic Sculpture Workshop (participation). Oficinas do Convento. Montemor-o-Novo. 

2005 - Saint John (from a 18th century original). Carcavelos Church. 

2005 - National Sculpture Competition - Art’s Business and Hotel Center, VIP Executive Art's Hotel, Parque das Nações - Lisbon. 

2000/2001 - New Ideas in Medalic Sculpture. Medalia… Rack Hamper Galery, New York, Philadelphia Fine Arts School. Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

2000 - Collective Exhibition. Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

2000 - Sculpture at the 2000 Square. Sculpture Competition – Sala do Risco, Lisbon. 

1999 - Portuguese Medal Photo Show. FIDEM - Weimar, Germany.

1999 - Klub der toten Dichterin. Adília Lopes - Page 14, Tranvia Edition, Verlag Walter Frey, Berlin, Germany. 

1998 - D. Fernando II Sculpture and Painting Award. 2nd Edition - Sintra. 

1998 - The Dead Poet's Club. Adília Lopes - Cistern Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.


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